Jan 7, 2012


After running around dozens of maps for hours and hours trying to find the place I was supposed to go to, and of which location the game designers assumed was completely obvious, I had enough and said to myself "Instead of giving those damned NPCs such lame, useless quotes, why couldn't they have them simply GIVE DIRECTIONS?". So I sat at my desk and a few hours later I'd done it (which proves how easy a feature it is to implement). And today I'm sharing it with you, so that I don't spend hours looking everywhere when playing your own projects. :)


  • Just name the events connecting your maps as "Exit", and the script automatically searches for those connections.
  • The pathfinder always returns the shortest way to go from one map to another.
  • It is possible to ask for directions from a different map than the one you're in.
  • Use along with the Keywords System to make asking for a destination even easier.


Maps as defined in the project

Instant in-game result


Click the following link to download this script. Terms of use and instructions are provided within. Please credit me if you use it in your own project. A nice comment is always appreciated. 

Download P├Ąthfinder v1.00 (228 KB)

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  1. excellent work! tnx!
    I would like to have your help for anything. and if you want to contact me this is my email jorg5k2@hotmail.com