Apr 9, 2018

[Review] Doki-Doki Literature Club

Hi guys,

Wow, it's so dusty in here *grabs a spider web* I wonder if there's still anyone visiting anymore. Anyways, for those who read this post, you'll be happy to know that I've found an illustrator. You know what that means? THAT YOU'LL SOON BE SEEING AN ACTUAL PROJECT OF MINE!!! Didn't expect that after all these years, eh?

Anyways, in the meantime, I've been thinking about posting reviews of games I liked. So, today, you're in for a special treat. It's called...

Ok, so this is a bit awkward, because Doki Doki Literature is actually very hard to describe without utterly spoiling the experience. From reading the description on its Steam page, you might think it's just another regular, overrated dating sim. Well, it's not. Definitely not. It's all a set-up. The game actually tries very hard to make you think it's dull and harmless, and it just makes it all the more effective at what it does.

Which is—take your sanity from you.

Believe me, this game is the work of a mad genius. If Frankenstein had made a video game, it would have been this.

I know what you're thinking right now—yeah, right, like a game could be that disturbing, I've played Slenderman, I've played Amnesia, I've played Layes of Fear, I've played Outlast, I can take the cute girls, dude, bring them on! Well, that's the mindset I approached Doki Doki Literature Club with, and frankly I ended up more disturbed than I cared to admit.

Because no matter all the horror games you've played, there are things you haven't seen yet. Take it from me. Mad genius, I'm telling you. And that includes genius.

So, heed the many warning signs that have been placed on your way to the game, and if you think you have it in you to see it to the end, then by all means, be my guest. You won't regret the journey.

So, why should you play Doki Doki Literature Club?
  • Because it's a unique experience
  • Because it's free
  • Because sanity is an overrated commodity anyways
  • Because the developers have poured their heart into it (and probably sold their soul to the devil at some point), and they deserve a thumbs up :)
Stay tuned for more reviews, and news on my latest project to come! :)

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