May 12, 2018

[Update] A name for Project Conversation

So, we've been thinking for a while about a proper title for our dear Project Conversation. And we've found it. Moonpearl and Blueroze proudly present: Blanche Biche (French for White Doe).

We'll leave it up to you to speculate about the implications of that title for now, and what on earth this has to do with a dating sim. :) But I'll provide a few elements of context as hints. Let us know if you have any theories in the comments!

La complainte de la blanche biche (The White Doe's Complaint) is a medieval ballad from Western France. Here's a link to my personal favorite performance of it, along with a translation of the lyrics.

Those who go to the woods
Those are the mother and the daughter
The mother walks while humming
And her daughter sighs
"What's with the sighing
My white Marguerite?"
"I have so much turmoil within
And do not dare tell you"

"I'm a girl during daytime
And a white doe at night
The hunters are after me
Barons and princes
And my brother Renaud
Who's the worst of all
Please, mother, quickly go
And tell him

That he must stop his dogs
Until tomorrow morning"
"Where are your dogs, Renaud
And the hunting gentlemen?"
"They are inside the woods
Chasing the white doe"
"Stop them, Renaud
Stop them, I beg of you"

Three times did he call them
With his copper horn
At the third time
The white doe is captured
Let's summon a skinner
To skin the doe
The one who skins her
Says "I'm at a loss of words"

She has blonde hair
And breasts like a girl
He drew his knife
And sliced her into pieces
They made a supper out of her
For barons and princes
"Here we're all sitting
Save for my sister Marguerite"

"You just have to eat
I'm the first one at the table
My head is in the platter
And my heart on spikes
My blood is splattered
All around the kitchen
And on your black coal
My poor bones are roasting"

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