Jul 10, 2013

More News From The Moon

Hey guys,

I know many of you await news from the OpenRGSS project. Sadly I haven't been any further than what you have seen already. The main reason for this is that I'm stuck with technical issues. Simply put, there are things I will not be able to implement in Ruby, not because I cannot do it, but because Ruby is very slow and even with optimal programming, some processing-heavy functions slow down the engine too much. So, I would need to implement some of it in C++, which is Ruby's "parent" language. The problem is that I don't know the first thing about C++. So, if anyone who is knowledgeable about C++ happens to pass by, your help would be very much appreciated on those issues, it's mostly about investigating the Ruby/SDL gem's source code and helping me with syntax and stuff - nothing too time-consuming, really. Also, if you know someone who might be able to help me, please do spread the word. As soon as I get past those lil' setbacks, I can resume OpenRGSS's development.

While I'm there, I would like to share my feelings regarding something which has been bugging me. I know the Script Manager has rendered the installation of my scripts less intuitive, especially since I have still not released the update like I had promised a while ago. Still, as open to criticism as I might be, I do not accept comments like "I don't understand the first thing about your site, make another tutorial". I can understand your frustration and I'm honored you absolutely want my scripts in your games, but I am not a company, I am not making business out of scripting, I have not sold anything to you and I am not an after-sales service either. I have made those scripts for the sake of making them, and nothing forces me to share them in the first place. I might as well shut this blog down tomorrow and close my MediaFire account just because I feel like it, and keep my own scripts to my own self, and there would be nothing to lose as far as I'm concerned. Because I share my creations does not mean I have pledged to have them work perfect in each and every one's games. If you address me without the slightest "please" or are implying that I did a poor job, you're welcome to look for scripts elsewhere and I will definitely not mind you not using mine, really. People who have no respect for others' works do not make games I like to play, anyways,

So, basically, if you have no consideration for me, don't expect me to have consideration for you and your game, either. And don't come bragging about how you will never use my scripts to punish my arrogance, because frankly I don't care. People who have addressed me in a friendly, respectful manner, can testify I sympathize with others' issues and often do my best to help them while there's nothing for me to gain in return. The others can keep on asking and complaining as long as they like.

Sorry about this little digression, nothing has changed towards my faithful readers, and I'll make sure to let you know it as soon as I have solved my C++ issues.

Take care in the meantime.

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