Aug 20, 2013

Even More News From The Moon

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to complete the update I'd promised a loooong time ago on the Script Manager, but I realized I had failed to update my backup copy with the latest version of my works. Fortunately not everything was lost, but I have a lot of catching up to do and I must confess this sad event has killed the little courage I was able to gather. So probably still no update before a while.

Regarding OpenRGSS, a friend of mine helped me through the process of writing the C code I need, but now we're stuck at the compilation step, which really seems to be a pain with Ruby in a general manner. Also, I'm considering dropping SDL as OpenRGSS's backbone and replacing it with SFML at the suggestion of a community mate, but I still need to investigate its features and of course, to install it succesfully before making a decision. This would mean rewriting the low-level engine, but hey, life is an eternal starting over.

So, lately, I feel the urge to create something, but nothing seems to go right. Anything for me to do, anybody?

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