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Feb 23, 2012

RGSS Charset Maker

Ever tried using a character maker? I have, and have found out that most makers have too few materials, or lack essential features, or can't be used with custom images, or use graphics which clash with RMXP's style, or which are otherwise ugly... and sometimes all of that. Making my own was an option I had been considering for a long time, so when a pal at rmxpunlimited.net asked whether someone would come up with a complete and handy maker, I felt it was the right moment for me to show off. :p That's how, within a few days, I'd completed this utility I'm pretty proud of.


  • Edit the hue, brightness and position of each feature individually, or edit all features at once
  • Preview changes before applying them
  • See your character animated while editing it
  • Change the superposition order at will
  • Render your characters as .PNG images or assign them to the player to test them live
  • Save your characters as presets and reload them later to make new variations rather than start again from scratch
  • Expand the libraries with your own custom graphics by simply adding files to the image folders, the program autodetects them
  • Growing and collaborative materials database, updated regularily with new resources


Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image


Click the following link to download this script. Terms of use and instructions are provided within. Please credit me if you use it in your own project. A nice comment is always appreciated. 

Only a few graphics are included in this package as a preview. Download JonBon's materials database to get the most of Charset Maker. The database is still expanding, so please check for updates.

Download RMXP RTP Charset (permanent link)


This program uses Zeus81's Bitmap Export - thanks to him for enabling this core feature.
The materials database is provided and maintained by JonBon.

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  1. Very well made :) Im still starting out with scripting and I was looking everywhere for something like this. Thanks :)

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you like it. Don't hesitate to contribute your own pictures to help the database grow if you'd like.

  2. If I could just ask... does this also have Down sprites? cause with all the Character makers I have encountered even though I made a nice Sprite I always stick to Default RTP as it has the down sprites... I'm asking as I still haven't tried it but if you could make it with down sprites then "Hallelujah I have found my maker!"

    1. This is only a program, it does not contain any sprites (save a handful of them for demonstration purposes), so if you're looking for resources you won't get them there... However since you can add your own pictures to expand the RGSS Charset Maker, it basically allows you to build anything as long as you can find the adequate resources somewhere. As for requesting down sprites, I'm no spriter myself so you'll have to find someone else to do the job. If you do, however, keep in touch, it might make a nice addition to people looking for something very specific like yourself.

  3. I have about 790 sprite 'parts' (hair, shirts, pants, etc), if you're interested in expanding your database. :)

    1. Absolutely, that would definitely be a HUGE contribution :) especially since this lil' tool has been left only with the demo resources up to now... You're welcome to provide a link here or at moonpearl12@gmail.com. Thanks in advance Cassandra. :)

  4. Hi, how do I install the charset?

  5. When I try to open, it says that was unable to find file Graphics/Tilesets/011-grassland1.
    I tried to google it but couldn't find. Can somebody help me?