May 6, 2012

The Script Manager

The Script Manager is a tool that was initially designed to automate script installation and get rid of the troublesome copy/paste process. If you:
  • have only one RPG Maker project
  • don't mind copying.pasting scripts in the first place
  • aren't a scripter yourself
  • don't understand the first thing about this post
Then don't bother trying it, it is no longer needed to use my scripts like it used to be.

It is useful, however, if you:

  • wish to use the same script(s) in a variety of projects/demos and keep all of them up-to-date at all times
  • wish to experiment with installing or uninstalling scripts without actually modifying your projects
  • are a scripter and wish to test scripts in development withtout actually modifying your projects
  • have lots of scripts and wish to automate their extraction/installation

What's That?!

The Script Manager is a developer's tool that is useful when you wish to share scripts across several projects. Using it, instead of having a copy of your scripts in each and every project of yours, you can install a single, central copy all projects will then feed upon, pretty much like the RTP packages do with multimedia resources.

What For?

I initially designed the Script Manager to make my life as a scripter easier. I had this pack of scripting tools I called Moonpearl's Common, I kept updating (and am still updating every now and then) and I found it annoying to copy the newer version to all of my demos with each tiny change - plus, I sometimes wasn't able to tell which project had which version. Now I don't have this problem anymore because there's only one copy of those scripts on my hard disk, which all of my projects use at any time.

Should I Use It?

The Script Manager is essentially a scripter's tool. This means that as a casual RPG Maker user, trying and get it to work is probably too much trouble for you. It used to be a necessary feature for hits blog's demo, but starting with the latest update, it isn't anymore. Demos are now hybrid - that is, they have their own built-in copy of the custom scripts they use, which you can simply copy/paste to your own projects, and also meaning that they are stand-alone - but on the other hand, if a Script Manager is present on your system, they can also use it and override their internal scripts, allowing you to take advantage of its benefits.

For example, when I update one of my scripts, you can simply download the new version and replace your older copy with it in your RTP folder, and all Script Manager-using projects will automatically run the newer version instead of the older one they still have in memory, which saves you a lot of copying & pasting. In the end it's completely up to your own preference, now both ways work without hindering each other.

Will I Be Able to Distribute My Project?

Of course. While using the Script Manager, your project shall feed on script that are installed in your shared folder, meaning they're not in the project as such. However the Script Manager Project Builder will automatically (re)install all scripts into your project's script editor. So you can safely experiment with adding/removing scripts without changing your project's scripts until you're sure.

Can I Make My Own Scripts Compatible With the Script Manager?

Of course! And I would be delighted if you would do so! Especially considering it's not that difficult, you just have to make each entry into a .RB file (plain text file with the .RB extension) and write a setup file which will tell the Script Manager in which order the entries need to be loaded (if it matters at all). Since projects are now hybrid, you can release both your regular demos with built-in scripts, and a separate scripts package for people who want to use the Script Manager.

Known Issues

  • There's a stupid bug when forcing game exit (clicking the red cross or pressing Alt+F4). This doesn't bring any harm since you were going to exit the game anyway. I promised I would fix this issue but  I still don't have the faintest idea as to why it occurs.


  1. Go to your RTP folder (default Program Files/Common Files/Enterbrain/RGSS/Standard) and create a new folder called Scripts. This will be referred to as the shared scripts folder.
  2. Download the ZIP file and extract it to the shared scripts folder.
  3. Go to your project's folder and create a new folder called Scripts. This will be referred to as the local scripts folder.
  4. If you already have scripts installed in your project, drag-and-drop your project's folder onto the Script Manager Project Exporter shortcut. This will create a Local folder in your local scripts folder.
  5. Create a new file called Script Manager.ini inside the local scripts folder.
  6. Download the script bundles you wish to install to your projects and unzip them to the shared scripts folder.
  7. Edit your project's Script Manager.ini file and name the scripts you wish to install to your project (one per line). At this time your project's scripts have not been modified
  8. Drag-and-drop your project folder onto the Script Manager Project Loader shortcut to run it.This will load your project using the scripts you have previously named - this will not modify your project's scripts.
  9. When everything works fine and you are ready to replace your project's scripts with the selection you have made with the Script Manager, drap-and-drop your project's folder onto the Script Manager Project Builder shortcut. From then on loading your project with the Script Manager or running the Game.exe file will have the same outcome.


You can find all scripts bundles of mine on the My Scripts Compilation page. You should download those three first since they will be required by virtually any of the others:

Note: remember to update the Common bundle once in a while, as it may potentially be expanded with each new release of mine. An outdated Common bundle is a common cause of problem.


  1. uhh.... i go to the common files , enterbrain ,
    and rgss standar no scripts umm... if i am the one wrong pls put your Rgss Standar file to meadifire setup! pls... i really like it!! i want it!! =(

    1. I'm sorry, I can't understand what you're trying to say.

  2. lol okay i figure it out now RubyScript is not what i need its note PAD!! thnx btw!

  3. Salut, je ne trouve pas le dossier graphics effect. Est-ce normal?

    1. Absolument pas, c'est un oubli de ma part qui est désormais réglé.

  4. Hai Moonpearl i have some problem
    first when i nstalled your script and ACMS v.2.00
    The title screen doesn't change like in Picture(im still new about this program so i don't know is there something that im missing)
    Second when i tried new game the game would crash and error message shown
    "Error script scene_map line 108 method error
    undefined method_encounter_count for#
    what should i do?
    Thanks and hope you want answer and solve my problem

    1. There's obviously something you've done wrong, because the error message you get suggests that there's a whole part of the base scripts missing. Also, the fact that the title screen doesn't change means the ACMS scripts don't load properly. So my best guess is you've bungled at some point with the Script Manager's installation, but I'm unable to tell you where. Can you get the demos working on your computer? If not, then you didn't install the Script Manager properly. If the demos work, but not your project, then the problem is with yout project's implementation of the Script Manager.

      By the way, given the error message you reported, it seems that you're using a custom script by someone else. If so, it is very likely that you're simply running into a compatibility problem.

  5. What about to potential players of games that use this engine? Will they have to download this script manager?

    1. If you leave your project as it is, yes. To release a project you should first copy all scripts you're using into the project's script editor, thus making it stand-alone. I'm working on a tool which would so that automatically.

  6. Great scripts! ABout to start testing them out and customizing the menus. One question though. My game does not use any of the RTP files. So do I still need the "Script manager"?

    Thanks so much!)))

    1. No one *needs* the Script Manager. Scripts are scripts and you can have them in RMXP's scripts editor (accessed by pressing F11) through copy/paste whether you got them from a forum or from my .RB files. What the Script Manager does is merely automate the process and relieve the developer of a lot of menial tasks, especially if you have several projects to deal with. If you're no scripter and have just one project, I say don't bother giving the Script Manager a try at all.

  7. I have problem with downloading MP Common.When i click download button,nothing happen.I tried so many times.Please help

    1. Strange. Works perfectly fine by me as of Sunday 4/14. Maybe Mediafire was down at the time you tried, or you might be restricted from accessing it depending on your country, I honestly have no clue about it. Let me know if you were able to download it eventually, if not I might arrange to provide another upload on a different sharing cloud.

    2. I'm just downloaded succesfully yesterday,i think it's because of my Java,sorry for bother you

    3. No problem. Glad to know you could get it in the end.

  8. I'm experiencing a problem with your script manager.
    Whenever I attempt to playtest the game, this message pops up:

    Critical exception encountered while running the Script Manager

    uninitialized constant Scene_Title."

    When I first did the whole bundle thing, it worked fine until I attempted to add your custom menu script and suddenly this kept appearing. I've gotten rid of that, but it still carries on with the pop-up. I had backed up my game before hand, tested that, it runs perfectly fine with the scripts originally in place so I copy-pasted over the Scene_Title.rb again but still it keeps flaring up. Have I done something wrong during it? Or is it a bug?

    Thanks ahead, if you can help.

    1. That could be due to a number of parameters, so I think the simplest way is that you send me your project (or at least a dummy copy with all desired scripts installed) at and I'll look into it myself.

  9. First of all, I'm new here but so far your scripts look amazing! Second of all, when I try to follow step 4 and drag and drop my project's folder onto Script Manager Project Exporter (because I do have scripts already installed) it just moves my project to the same folder as the Script Manager Project Exporter aka the Scripts folder. I hate to be a pest, but would you mind helping me out?

  10. I see that is done on the script tab but if I open the event tab I see nothing. for example, the Daily life project i see nothing for it like those shadow, textures should appear but I dont see anything did I not installed something right?