Nov 26, 2012

Script Manager updated!

Some of you might have encountered an error while trying my latest creation (uninitialized constant - Function_Sinusoide). The reason of this is that I made additions to my Common script bundle in the process, which means you need to re-download it before trying to use my Animated Battlers bundle. To avoid this inconvenience in the future, I thought it was about time to give my Script Manager a lil' update.

New features
  • Version check - if a script requires a newer version of a script than the one you have installed, you will be notified when launching your project.
  • Dependencies check - from now on, script bundles automatically load the bundles they bundles they require.
  • New error messages - You will be notified upon various unexpected events (missing files, bad configuration file, bundle not installed...) to help track your issues better.
  • Various fixes and improvements.

Please re-download the Script Manager and all scripts bundles of mine you're using to match its new specifications. People who want to keep their current versions for whatever reason should still update at least the following:
  • The Script Manager itself
  • MP Common > Functions.rb
  • All bundles > setup.ini (note - the load_order.ini file is obsolete)

Thanks for your time and happy using. :) 

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